Set a weekly schedule for your Paparazzi business

Organization in your business is something you want to get a handle on early and keep at it. When your business grows to the high levels you aspire to, you’ll thank me for giving you this tip!

One thing that has helped my business IMMENSELY is setting a weekly schedule. It starts from your goals and then you map it out in a weekly schedule. Make time for family and all the personal things you have to do first, and then fill in your week with business activities. Anything that is important to the growth of your business, put it on your weekly schedule so you make sure you are doing what you are supposed to do.

Remember, it’s all about consistency. Watch my video below for more details…


My 2017 Planner REVEALED! Get organized!

Organization is the name of the game in 2017, ladies! I purchased my new planner yesterday and it is PERFECT for maintaining my Paparazzi business!

Here’s my video on my brand new planner…

Purchased at Office Depot for $49.99 but you can check out the company page at

Planner: Inkwell Press 2017 Weekly/Monthly Planner
Size: 7 in x 9 in
Item #: IP619C-805

I don’t get a referral fee or anything. Just passing along good info!

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Must-have tool for taking the stress out of scheduling social media posts

As a business owner, do you feel frustrated about having to “keep up” with marketing on social media? Is it a challenge to stay consistent with posting on your personal, business or group pages on Facebook? Do you wish you could schedule out your posts in advance so you can focus on other business-building activities? I present to you the solution. The solution is CinchShare!

Here’s 5 reasons why CinchShare is the!

  1. Creating content is super easy

I schedule out my posts for the week every Monday and CinchShare makes it super easy to do that. I think about what specials, announcements, blogs, comments, inspirational photos, etc. I want to put out, write it up, click on what page(s) I want the post to be on, schedule and I’m done! On to the next to-do list item!

  1. Incorporate Canva for branded photos

Perhaps the very best thing about CinchShare is that I can create custom photos by using the popular photo editor, Canva. The beautiful thing is you can seamlessly access Canva from CinchShare, create your picture and it’s automatically added to your CinchShare post! I like branding my posts and now it’s really easy to do that.

  1. Post on different types of pages

With CinchShare I can choose to post on my business page (The Self-Care Coach), personal page, my VIP Customer Group and other groups that I manage. With a few clicks I can post the same content in multiple places so cross-posting is less laborious.

  1. Posting on event pages is a breeze

For event planners and direct sellers, CinchShare really pays for itself! When I set up a Facebook party I schedule all the posts in advance and all I need to do is show up on the day of the party to comment and add any real-time posts I deem necessary. I can literally have a multiple Facebook parties going on at once. I never miss a beat!

  1. Manage your content eeffortlessly

With CinchShare you can categorize your posts for easy reference. For example, I have a category for all my Facebook party posts, my quotes, self-care tips and posts about joining my business opportunity. All I have to do is pull up that category, make any revisions and simply repost!


The way I see it, if you own a business and use Facebook as your primary marketing tool like I do, you can’t run your business without CinchShare. To know that spending 30 minutes a week on scheduling posts and it’s done saves time and keeps my sanity intact!

Try it FREE! To get you started on a 7-day trial with CinchShare use my SPECIAL LINK.


Do you use CinchShare? How do you like it? Comment below.