4 Reasons to Host A Home Party

Believe it or not, home parties are still happening and are far from outdated. Sure, social media can make it difficult to actually see someone face to face, but the need for women to connect and relate in person will never go away. Here are some reasons YOU should be hosting a home party…

1. Do something different

Change up your normal Friday night routine. Invite a few friends over, pop a bottle of champagne (just because!) and have some fun shopping and catching up!

2. Enjoy unique products

Products sold by direct sales companies are truly effective, exclusive and usually high-quality. Don’t miss out on getting one-of-a-kind products at a discount!

3. Take advantage of the convenience

Take it easy and let the consultant come to you! Don’t worry about traffic, rude customer service, or driving all the way to the store only to find out your item isn’t there! There is a certain luxury in having a a professional consultant come to your home to share a fabulous product line just for you. Enjoy it!

4. Support small business

You may not realize, but there is a hard-working woman at the other end of that candle wax, lipstick, body wrap or supplement you just purchased. While you shouldn’t feel obligated to buy just to pad someone else’s pockets or to satisfy a friend, you should be mindful that your consultant has a vision, goals and the desire to be great. Now THAT’S something to support!

Notice I didn’t mention all FREE STUFF you can earn when hosting a home party…but that goes without saying! lol

Have YOU hosted a home party lately? Why or why not? 

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