Create a slimmer look with long necklaces


Hey girl hey! It’s Wear it Wednesday!!!!!!!!! Today i’m wearing the fabulous Scarfed for Attention wrap necklace in gold!

Here’s a fun style tip! 

This necklace is long so it has a slimming effect BUT when you tie the knot higher up, it draws attention away from the tummy! (ya feel me ladies?!)

It’s only $5!!! (and comes with a free pair of matching earrings!)

Snag yours by clicking HERE!

QUIZ: Discover Your Personal Paparazzi Style


How do you feed your $5 habit? Do you fight to get your hands on anything with rhinestones? Or are you drawn to dainty designs with a classic finish? Are you a trendsetter who can’t wait to find the funkiest combinations around? Or do you prefer colorful pieces that complement your bubbly personality? No matter what your style, Paparazzi has fabulous $5 accessories to match!

See for yourself with the Showroom Designer!

Through a series of questions, the Showroom Designer will help you discover your personal style, as it relates to the five Paparazzi Fashion Fix Collections. Once you’ve finished, the doors will open to your personal virtual showroom, featuring the styles of your favorite Fashion Fix Collections!

Are you ready to get started?

Click the picture below.


What is your style? Write it in the comments below! Mine is Fierce 5th Avenue!!

You can’t make money selling $5 jewelry…can you?

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I hope you are inspired to join the Paparazzi opportunity!!