Why I Joined Paparazzi Accessories

Image result for what is your whyI’m super excited about my newest business venture with Paparazzi Accessories! I officially joined on September 30, 2016 and it has been a fun, whirlwind of learning, sharing and best of all LOOKIN GOOD in my new bling!

So here’s my story:

I was first introduced to Paparazzi about 2 years ago while at convention for my other network marketing company. I stepped into the lobby while we were on a break and met the sister of a fellow consultant who was seriously BLINGING! I complimented her on her jewelry and she told me she sells Paparazzi Accessories. She gave me her card, I checked out the website once or twice and then that was it!

Fast-forward 2 years and I stumble across the Facebook VIP page of a woman who is a consultant with my current network marketing company but also sold Paparazzi. I scrolled down her VIP page and saw that every piece of jewelry she posted sold in minutes! I commented “SOLD” on 2 items  (although I had really racked up about $50 in my head!). The next day she sent me a $10 invoice for the two items I wanted and also told me that she thought I would be good at this business. (not in a “salesy” way, she was really genuine) I was NOT looking for another business opportunity at the time and was adamant about that….or so thought!

However, I could not deny the fact that her VIP page was making some serious money…daily! I mean it was there in black and white. No fluff and no trumped-up numbers. I could SEE items being sold left and right! Before I knew it, I asked her a million questions for the next couple days and told her i’d sign up that Friday! Well, life happened and I found out my upcoming check was going to be GARNISHED! I was completely embarrassed that I could not pay the $10 invoice! But, when your check gets unexpectedly garnished, you immediately cut back on expenses. I was disappointed and so anxious to begin my journey with this new company.

Image result for what is your whyBy this time, I had already started to talk to my husband, friends and family about this new business and they were all on board. I even had a few people who were interested in buying as soon as I signed up! So I prayed about it, took a leap of faith and decided to start my journey despite the serious lack of funds from my paycheck that week.

The rest is all GOD because somehow I was not only able to purchase my kit and order business cards, but all the bills got paid! Things really fell into place for me and I’ve been so grateful because since then I’ve been on a mission to never let an unexpected bill turn my world upside down again. And I’ve locked arms with a great group of GOD-fearing women who all want to see me succeed!

This is my FIFTH network marketing company and i’m not ashamed to say that. I’m not ashamed to admit that for my entire life I’ve always looked beyond what WAS and aspired to work for what COULD BE. I’ll never stop trying to be great and create a better life for me and my family.

My Paparazzi business is a testament that GOD shows up and makes a way out of no way! I am faithful, grateful, blessed and HIGHLY FAVORED!

I hope my story has inspired someone and if you’d like to take this Paparazzi journey with me i’m more than happy to help you reach YOUR goals and help you realize just how much you can SHINE!


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October Fashion Fix

Every month, Paparazzi releases a complete look of on-trend, fashionable jewelry called The Fashion Fix. Great for those who want to take the guesswork out of figuring out what goes together. The Fashion Fix is absolutely fabulous and looks great worn together or you can wear the pieces separately! Here is October’s Fashion Fix!


The Glimpses of Malibu collection was created with inspiration from the styles of Malibu, CA. Styles in this Trend Blend will feature fun, livable fashion with an upscale flavor. The color are usually a bit tamer compared to the bolder hues found in other collections, and the attitude tends to have a laid back vibe.undefined

Includes one of each accessory featured in the Glimpses of Malibu Trend Blend in October’s Fashion Fix:

-Necklace: “To Whatever End”
-Earring: “It’s Not The End Of The World”
-Bracelet: “World Without End”
-Ring: “For All The World”

Find it at www.fabfivedollarjewelry.com

10 Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil has long been a staple in my beauty routine. The fact that it is natural, gentle, and best of all EFFECTIVE are all things that make coconut oil a winner in my book. Plus you can buy it scented or unscented depending on your preference. If you’re not using coconut oil during some part of your beautification process, you are missing out on something good, girl!

Here are 10 reasons why I use coconut oil:

  1. Makeup Remover. I know there are many products on the market that remove makeup but why not use a product that you can also use for a million other things as well? I’m all for products with multiple uses! If you apply the coconut oil with a cotton pad, you’ll see your makeup melt away.
  2. Cuticle Oil. It is important to take care of your cuticles. With constant washing and daily use it is easy for them to dry out. Remedy this by applying coconut oil right at the base of nails. It can also help your manicure last longer. Win Win!
  3. Lip Balm. I’m gonna hit you if you’re using basic ChapStick! If you don’t have your favorite lip balm on-hand or you want give your lips some extra TLC (especially in the winter) coconut oil is perfect for moisturizing chapped lips.
  4. Stretch-Mark Cream. Shout out to all my expectant moms! This tip’s for YOU! Keep a bottle of coconut oil handy and use daily to help ward off the dreaded stretch marks.
  5. Frizz Tamer. Now that my hair is natural (Go Team Natural!) I can totally appreciate having a frizz tamer or else my hair will look a hot mess! Put a little oil on your hands and work through your entire head or just focus on your edges for a smooth, polished look that’s high on shine.
  6. Dandruff Treatment. My scalp gets so dry and that leads to dandruff. Put coconut oil on your scalp, massage it in and be rid of the dandruff. Put the blue hair grease down!
  7. Shaving Cream. Who said shaving cream has to lather? Use coconut oil to get a closer shave and enjoy smooth, sexy legs! Rub on your legs, shave and you’re done. Now you don’t have to be in the shower to get a quick shave before heading out!
  8. Body Oil. One of my favorite self-care tactics is to rub coconut oil on my body after a bath. Don’t even towel dry, apply the oil right on your wet skin to lock in the moisture. It’s heaven!
  9. Leave-in Conditioner. Hydrate dry hair by using coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner. Apply a small amount to wet strands to seal in moisture.
  10. Night Cream. Use coconut oil in place of night cream for dry skin; it helps increase hydration and reduce water loss. High in vitamin E, coconut oil helps protect the skin and locks in moisture. Plus, the antioxidants are great for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep.

Is coconut oil in your beauty arsenal? What do you use it for?


Taking time away from work to deal with “life”

sorrySo there have been some challenges going on in my life that has kept me from posting consistently on social media for almost a month. I also haven’t written a post in over 3 weeks! (My bad, ya’ll) Some might say that’s not a big deal but I try to churn out new content at least  twice a week so you can clearly see how behind I am.

I was already in a bit of a funk about a few things and the added stress of creating blog posts, Facebook page posts and Instagram pics was NOT helping. I was like “Oh no! My followers are going to leave me!” “I committed myself to helping people with self-care and now I’m not holding up my end of the bargain!” I was totally stressin ya’ll….not a good look for a self-care coach, huh?

But it’s all good and let me tell you why…

Sometimes life get’s in the way.

That’s just how it is. It’s not an excuse, it’s real talk! Yes, i’m a self-care coach but i’m also a wife, a mother, an employee, a business owner and a friend. At any given time any of those things can get out of wack and I need to refocus my energy. I’m not saying to use this reasoning as a crutch but it IS fine to take time off when you need it. You’ll be better for it.

You can’t give what you don’t have.

When things go south in your life you BETTER give it your focus and make it right or else everything else will suffer. Your marriage, your household, your job and best believe your kids will pick up on the vibe. Handle your business, get your mind right and then you can continue to shoot for the stars!

No one is perfect, dammit!

Who ever heard of a self-care coach not having it all together? That’s what I thought. I was beating myself up about this at first but then I realized, i’m only human. I’m not immune to life’s challenges. It’s like a hair dresser who’s hair looks a hot mess! Or an overweight fitness instructor! It doesn’t mean they are not good at their jobs, they just have to make some adjustments!

Great things come from trials and tribulations.

So i’m in a better head space now and able to continue on with my self-care coaching. And guess what, i’m writing this blog post because of it so….WINNING! I’m talking about my experience so you can learn to take it easy on yourselves. Plenty of great things come out of challenges and hardships. When you go through something, that’s a lesson from God that you can use to one day help another person.

So I hope this helps someone balance life and business a bit better. No superwomen over here! Just women doing what we gotta do to better ourselves and those around us.



Must-have tool for taking the stress out of scheduling social media posts

As a business owner, do you feel frustrated about having to “keep up” with marketing on social media? Is it a challenge to stay consistent with posting on your personal, business or group pages on Facebook? Do you wish you could schedule out your posts in advance so you can focus on other business-building activities? I present to you the solution. The solution is CinchShare!

Here’s 5 reasons why CinchShare is the Bomb.com!

  1. Creating content is super easy

I schedule out my posts for the week every Monday and CinchShare makes it super easy to do that. I think about what specials, announcements, blogs, comments, inspirational photos, etc. I want to put out, write it up, click on what page(s) I want the post to be on, schedule and I’m done! On to the next to-do list item!

  1. Incorporate Canva for branded photos

Perhaps the very best thing about CinchShare is that I can create custom photos by using the popular photo editor, Canva. The beautiful thing is you can seamlessly access Canva from CinchShare, create your picture and it’s automatically added to your CinchShare post! I like branding my posts and now it’s really easy to do that.

  1. Post on different types of pages

With CinchShare I can choose to post on my business page (The Self-Care Coach), personal page, my VIP Customer Group and other groups that I manage. With a few clicks I can post the same content in multiple places so cross-posting is less laborious.

  1. Posting on event pages is a breeze

For event planners and direct sellers, CinchShare really pays for itself! When I set up a Facebook party I schedule all the posts in advance and all I need to do is show up on the day of the party to comment and add any real-time posts I deem necessary. I can literally have a multiple Facebook parties going on at once. I never miss a beat!

  1. Manage your content eeffortlessly

With CinchShare you can categorize your posts for easy reference. For example, I have a category for all my Facebook party posts, my quotes, self-care tips and posts about joining my business opportunity. All I have to do is pull up that category, make any revisions and simply repost!


The way I see it, if you own a business and use Facebook as your primary marketing tool like I do, you can’t run your business without CinchShare. To know that spending 30 minutes a week on scheduling posts and it’s done saves time and keeps my sanity intact!

Try it FREE! To get you started on a 7-day trial with CinchShare use my SPECIAL LINK.


Do you use CinchShare? How do you like it? Comment below.